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The RRROAR list is one huge behemoth; the text behind the page alone is (at this time):


in size. And there are many thumbnail pics that will load, each about 1K. Add that all up, and we're talking about:


of data to load. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, and your machine, it could take some time to fully load; please be patient while it does this. Here's an example, on a 1.7Ghz machine running XP:

* first time load with empty browser cache, over a 128KB link - took 6 mins 30 secs

When it is done loading, it is recommend you size that window as large as you can. Once the list is fully opened, you should be able to navigate around it without further full loads of the page itself. (The individual larger-size images are not downloaded until you actually select them.) Click ENTER if you are ready to proceed, and a new window will open to the list.

Because of the many thumbnails on the RRROAR list page, browsers that support an HTTP 1.1 feature called "pipelining" may see a BIG improvement in page loading with it enabled. Pipelining uses a single connection to handle all page object requests vs. the default of opening a connection for EACH object - so that's less time wasted opening and closing connections for all the little thumbs. I tried this with the usual above sample setup, empty cache and everything, and it cut the time down to 3 mins 0 secs. Hadta try it again to confirm it really was that good - even better, 2 mins 50 secs. Try it & see what you think; you can always turn it off if it triggers other problems (some online banking sites supposedly don't like it).

If you use the Firefox 3+ browser, you can do the following: (1) enter 'about:config' in the URL box and hit enter; (2) scroll down to the network.http.pipelining entry and double-click it - that will change enabled=false to enabled=true; (3) if you go thru a proxy, there's a similar network.http.proxy.pipelining entry that can be changed in the same manner. Opera already supports pipelining by default, while IE7 still doesn't in any form - hopefully someday MS will address this.
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