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Don't worry, I won't get way off topic or anything. I know why you're at this site. It's the same reason that I'm helping out here:

Eye Heart Residents and the other groups too

Questions, submissions and comments on this page, the site in general or Rez/Ralph collecting may be sent to igor@rrroar.net. (Edit out the extra periods before and after the ampersand in the name before hitting send.) Same rules as noted in the collector's list: please make it not look like spam (RRROAR or IGOR in the title would help), and NO ATTACHMENTS unless I know ya from earlier correspondence. I gathered up collector-type questions people did ask & put some of that on a page for reference. It's technically not a "FAQ" because they haven't been asked 'frequently', but hey maybe someone else's question can clarify something for you via this route. So here's "Igor's AQ" if you wanna check it out:
Igor's AQ
With all da blogs nowadays putting current stuff at the top, I've essentially had my page organized bass-ackwards & mostly undated too, so it's gonna be blog-stylie from now on. I'm archiving the first 2 years' worth'a my babbling so's not to have to re-sort it all (don't worry, all the music file links are still there):
Igor's Page - Archive Year 1 and 2

08/03/2008 - Quite a year so far. We had our disc catastrophe, which put into question our continued existence for a while there. Glad that all worked out and is behind us... And on to the good stuff. While getting the disc issue resolved, it occurred to me that this IS a milestone year for yours truly. Turns out that this spring marked my 25th anniversary of being a "fan", in the true sense of the word. Yeah, I heard of the Eyeballed Wonders back in late 1982, and even peeked around to see if their first world tour might cross my path (nope, just west coast shows). But it was in 1983 that the fanatic came out, and I began to get serious and accumulate some of the things that help to comprise this site (along with Mr E.Y.E.'s goodies of course). Indeed, despite much change in both my world & in the Rez's, the pic below literally applies to me now... And best of all: getting ready for the bunny hop. To have a new album "The Bunny Boy" coming out soon, and seeing all signs so far indicating the possibility that this might be a release that will sit up high in the pantheon with classics past, and that there will be online web episodes that sync up with the album, AND to have a tour based on the project to boot, is all that a Residents fan could ever ask for and then some. I rate the live shows as being the best way to experience the Residents. For me personally, those times leading up to shows always refocuses me - even more Rez saturation than normal, playing that "latest release" until it's caned, sets up a hightened sensitivity for the shows themselves. And the shows are my chance to put the BS of the rest of the world aside for a spell, a good thing no doubt. Can't wait, can't wait... Doing a quick head count has also reminded me of yet another milestone - after the batch of TBB shows I've already committed to, they will mark thru to the 20th live Rez show that I will have attended. Dem be 17 of the best days of all my time on terra firma, and I bet the 3 up-and-comers will fit right in there too... And that then sets up what might have looked improbable not long ago: the 5th anniversary of this here site. We'll haveta pull up something good for you folks to gnaw on for that... Given how this year had started off, the fun ahead looks to offset those headaches, BIG time... Get yer tix, kiddles, join the queues, and have a ball, y'all!

That's about it for now folks. More to come...

Yours in Residentia,



...previous posts...

12/08/2007 - I was asked about the workflow we're doing: why do ya hop all over the place when gathering these new scans / why not just bang out all of the Residents items in a row, etc. Part of it relates to the physical location of things in shelves; when you take too many items out of one location at one time, the LPs or CDs can sometimes tip over / slide. No biggie if it's just a small shift; not cool if the CD stacks on either side fall together and intermingle, or if the vinyl shifts so much that they're no longer standing vertical. So it's better to pull "some from this shelf & some from another", and work on 2 groups' items at the same time. Part of it is also to break things up, relieve the monotony; as they say, variety is the spice of life. Its already enough to be doing LP scans practically nonstop since we got the big scanner, but to do only one group over & over too, that would compound things. We recently caught up with just about all Yello vinyl, and that alone took many months, but we interspersed some Snakey things in there, and some Fred Frith too, etc. As for those who are specifically Rezheads, hang in there; now that we've caught up on all of the Ralph test pressings, the new year will begin the dive into the Rez LPs... I was also asked "how far are you?": in this large task to get pics of all this, what percentage of the way through it are we? I can't say exactly how far - we don't have a count of the number of items in the list, nor a count of those that now have pics. I scan thru the entire list & would estimate we're "around halfway done", for what that's worth. We thought about putting little red dots next to the left column hotlinks - if a category is done, give it a dot. But some sections are bigger than others (ex. - Residents), and so "all dots would not be equal" in work effort. And some sections are nearly done but we skipped some big boxsets (single line item will require many many pics, save those for near the end), and so some that are "practically done" wouldn't look done by using this method either. Oh well. All I know is that there's still a few years' worth of work effort ahead. Wish me luck that I don't get broken hands or go blind before we get that far...

10/31/2007 - It's that time of year again, our fourth birthday. And if you've been here before, you may know the drill. We had a temporary treat for ya, a Snakey interview. Gone now...

09/09/2007 - I got word that someone on a Yahoo Residents chat group posted pictures of their collection (physical layout - boxes and shelves and whatnot, filled with Residential goodies) a while back, and someone else alluded to the possibility that the pics may have come from The Notorious E.Y.E.; let me confirm for sure that they are NOT from him. E's stuff occupies an entire room with barely space in which to walk around (and yes, that's only Rez/Ralph stuff). Some pics were taken back when the room was first setup, but much has changed since then. We've gotten other queries up this alley before, that it sure would be cool to see a set of snaps of how all this stuff is stored & looks gathered together. Right now wouldn't be good for that; I'm helping him get things reorganized a bit, and things are in a state of flux. Perhaps someday when that reorg is completed, we may grab some pics & post 'em here.

08/25/2007 - Once again, I let this (the blog) go for quite a while. With a 'labor of love' project like this, one takes time to work on it when one has time, and sometimes that time has been scarce. Plus it's summer, and as past years would show, we do get a bit skimpy on the updates during the nice weather months. If I had time, it went to the maintenance of the overall site & this blog was a casualty of that... ANYway, I hope everyone has been enjoying the tasty video clips that have been posted to the KTYE TV Residents channel. Some things we've never seen before (Vileness Fats, yummm!) along with old classics, in an easy-to-digest online form. Good stuff. I'd been told by an inside source that the Residents clips would NOT stay posted forever, and indeed they already have taken down the first month's clips, so View Or Perish... It's been a kind of subdued 35th Anniversary so far, and it's almost over. We got us some instrumental compilations + a Hunters redo, all on a new El Ralpho RA subsidiary, and a reissue of Freak Show, but it's been quiet otherwise. At least the upcoming Voice Of Midnight looks like it could be a winner, and a nice cap off to end the cycle... Speaking of cycles - the old Residents fan collective Smelly Tongues had been involved in a project that used the spare cycles of your computer's CPU to demonstrate the holes in security for small sized encryption keys - 'distributed.net'. We here at RRROAR were participants in that effort; our work was all submitted under the generic 'rc5 @ smelly-tongues.com' handle, and we were a good player in getting the ST team some nice rankings (top 150 on the OGR project, for example). Well, of course, ST has faded into obscurity - first no updates, then the website outright disappeared, but whether you know it or not, the work on the RC5 / OGR projects continued on, and there were still a small handful of folks pumping out the crunched packets in ST's name, even to this day. Well, we at RRROAR have decided to not perpetuate it further on our part - ST is gone, it's time to move on. And so we've stopped submitting our crunches under the ST banner, and have forged out on our own under that email addy for Igor you see on the top of the page. And since it's just me (99.9%) + a tidbit from da E.Y.E. from his old Win98 PC, we're doing this standalone / not under a team banner. So now we officially say, "Smelly Tongues R.I.P."

12/26/2006 - NOT RALPH, NOT RALPH... All that babble yesterday, and nothing about James Brown's passing. His early-years music which inspired the Residents and later ended up on their "George & James" release was one thing, but personally I enjoy the mid-60s to early-70s funk period even more. The uninitiated should consider checking out the "In The Jungle Groove" CD for a nice summary of that period, or for an overall overview try "The CD Of JB (Sex Machine And Other Soul Greats)" or "CD Of JB II (Cold Sweat And Other Soul Classics)". His music and his in-your-face attitude will be sorely missed 'round these parts. Good gawd!

12/25/2006 - Haha - so I revamp this to be more blog-like, yeah uh-huh, but "blogging" implies you update it once in a while. Geez! It's been a crazy year - not bad, just busy, and what time I had was dedicated to using the new scanner to fill in the Ralph Records main section. Then I done hurt my back, and that put the kibosh on updates of any kind for quite a while. It also quashed a proper celebration of our 3rd anniversary; we promise that next year will be better... But ANYway, much has transpired Rez-wise, and much of it's been pretty good stuff. "River Of Crime" was very interesting, and I look forward to more - hope it doesn't end up like Part 4 of the Mole Trilogy, ya know. Tho it's been neat to see the free downloads of largely RMX stuff from their new myspace page, most of them have not jazzed me, sorry. The TIMMY clips are alright, look forward to gathering them up onto a DVD. But the latest release "Tweedles!" shows a lot of promise - pop American-Idol'esque twaddle it ain't; with Animal Lover, ROC & this, it seems like the Rez are reaching further to catch situations and perspectives that one only sees addressed in "art" in the film world. Their eyes, maturing before our eyes... HEY, go download the new Santa Dog, damnit! I won't touch on the significance behind it now, needs more plays. The 35th anniversary should be interesting, and that's an understatement.

01/04/2006 - I had a bad January last year, problems with my roof leaking (drips in the room where some collection stuff is stored, egads!, but nothing critical was ruined in the end) and other uncool schtuff. That reared its ugly head AGAIN in December - roof issues but luckily no leaks this time. It's finally all patched up, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. But on to happier thoughts - get yr heinie on out to the Rez website and check out the upcoming "River Of Crime" preview clip. Interesting...

01/02/2006 - 2006 has arrived & we're damn happy 'round these parts. The new scanner is in, our tests are just about done, and then we will commence to filling in the "Ralph Records" section over this coming year. There was an idea of what this website would look like, and you see that in some of the other sections like CDs and whatnot, but it's been buggin' the hell outta us to see the vinyl sections filled with mostly or nothing but text, esp. the Ralph sections. So now it can look the way it was envisioned. I know, it's only a buncha computer crap, but it's the niche we chose to work on, and so... we be damn happy.

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