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Igor's Page - Archive Year 1 and 2

(from whevEVer I got the Igor page during the first year thru our 2nd anniversary 10/2005)
(organized the opposite of blog-style - it's older at top / newer at bottom - and many don't say when they were posted)


My friend and I went to see the Rez play live on the 13th Anniversary tour; he's a artist & photographer, and he took his camera along. At the time, he had been playing with multiple exposure pics - taking pic1, not winding the film ahead, and snapping pic2 on top of the pic1 image, etc. Well, he did some more playing at the show, and to wonderful effect. He got nice & close to the stage, and during the Big Bubble suite he came up with this. I dunno just how many different snaps are combined in this photo, but it sure looks cool - it reminds me of a dream (for a Rez fan, a good one no doubt).

And he himself liked it enough, that he used it as the basis for a pen & ink drawing which he later gave to me.

Thanx to Chris Braeger for these treats.


Y'all are certainly a diverse lot. That's cool, it matches what I knew already, having dealt with folks from many of these places over the years - there are Rez/Ralph fans everywhere. Here's a point in time snapshot from the stats we got on the website's usage over its first week.

Countries - Week of November 1-7, 2003
# Hits Country
1 28.02% Network
2 22.92% US Commercial
3 12.69% Unresolved/Unknown
4 6.32% Germany
5 3.56% Netherlands
6 2.53% Belgium
7 2.49% US Educational
8 2.43% Greece
9 2.39% Sweden
10 2.38% Australia
11 2.37% United Kingdom
12 2.30% Norway
13 2.25% Japan
14 2.18% France
15 0.86% Denmark
16 0.71% Switzerland
17 0.52% New Zealand (Aotearoa)
18 0.50% Italy
19 0.49% Poland
20 0.39% US Military
21 0.33% Austria
22 0.33% United States
23 0.33% Non-Profit Organization
24 0.33% Niue
25 0.31% Israel
26 0.04% Czech Republic
27 0.03% Argentina
28 0.00% Spain
29 0.00% Seychelles


And now I turn the tables - here's a question for YOU. It was so nice to finally see snippets of those ancient Residents shows hidden away as DVD easter eggs. The Boarding House, and The Berkeley show. Mmmmmmmm. Now, I have never met up with anyone that was actually AT these shows & could talk about them. For the Boarding House, it was a walk-on thing, so I can understand there would likely not have been any Rez fans in attendance to witness it, unless they were already in on the plan to take over the stage. But for Berkeley, there must be SOMEone out there who was 'into them' back then & still is, and who managed to be there for it.

So... who was there at the Berkeley show & wants to talk about it? I will gladly share it here too, if you're okay with that.


In late 2001, when ESD decided to do a compilation of Residents tracks (which would later become 'Petting Zoo') for their upcoming 30th anniversary, my opinion was solicited. Ever the fan, I took this request very seriously. Maybe even too seriously...

This was supposed to be a sampler which could provide an "easy entrance" to their music, "without too many covers". That was fine & well, and in my mind I pictured this then-untitled comp as being a modern equivalant to their very first CD release - 'Heaven'. But again, in my mind, a 'Heaven 2002' needs a 'Hell 2002' to balance it out, ya know? So I began to assemble another list of tunes which could be on THAT theoretical comp. Later when the 'easy entrance' list was submitted, this "missing partner" disc was mentioned. The back & forth on it triggered another request, this time for all ST Rez fans to come up with tracks for this potential (and unrealized) RalphAm comp of their "more intense and unsettling" pieces. While working on these additional lists, I even prepared a little logo to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Eventually that still wasn't enough - too many other great songs didn't fit EITHER of these categories. So a third list was made - a "best of the rest".

The first disc is set to be kinda short, like an ESD comp might be - around an hour. The other two have as many tracks crammed onto a disc as possible. I actually assembled these onto discs, and they are still staples in my car playlist.

So... here goes: the logo & my choices. 'Petting Zoo' only had a few tunes from this whole mess, oh well. And it isn't perfect - "Constantinople" ought to be in there somewhere, and some others too. Still, you can probably get a pretty good idea of where my Residential head was at in late 2001 from this list.

Heaven 2002
"Easy Entry"
01 1986 Jambalaya 4:47
02 1990 Ober (Live) 7:36
03 1980 Less Not More 1:03
04 1990 Harry The Head 2:56
05 1980 Diskomo 7:56
06 1983 Mahogany Wood 4:15
07 1987 For Elsie Excerpt #3 2:07
08 1982 The Moles Are Coming 2:58
09 2000 Burn Baby Burn.Road 3:42
10 1993 Teddy 3:57
11 1976 Boo Who? 2:49
12 1997 Disfigured Night 1 3:04
13 1990 Voodoo Queen (Live) 3:05
14 1978 Hello Skinny 2:41
15 1983 Extra:Version 2:23

Hell 2002
"More Intense"
01 1972 Lightning 2:16
02 1982 Mourning The Undead 3:03
03 1971 Something Devilish 1:33
04 1976 Godsong 3:40
05 1983 Lord It's Lonely 1:31
06 1980 Margaret Freeman 1:01
07 1976 THIRD REICH EXCERPT: Light My Fire 0:42
08 1974 Consuelo's Departure 0:59
09 1981 THE ULTIMATE DISASTER: It Never Stops 2:14
10 1985 Go Where Ya Wanna Go 2:36
11 1976 Six Things To A Cycle - Part 1 2:46
12 1979 The Angry Angakok 5:20
13 1971 Kamikaze Lady 1:39
14 1982 Anvil Forest 2:19
15 1978 The Electrocutioner: Part 1 1:43
16 1983 Talk 0:37
17 1980 Birds In The Trees 1:01
18 1977 Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life 3:58
19 1983 Eloise 1:16
20 1982 A Maze Of Jigsaws 2:51
21 1978 Sinister Exaggerator 3:27
22 1982 FINAL CONFRONTATION: Driving The Moles Away 1:20
23 1977 Flight Of The Bumble Roach 2:13
24 1983 Atomic ShoppingCarts 2:05
25 1978 Ship's A'Going Down - Part 1 2:53
26 1976 Tourniquet Of Roses 3:14
27 1979 Arctic Hysteria 5:59
28 1976 Satisfaction 4:32
29 1974 N-er-gee (A Crisis Bluesuite) 7:16
30 1974 Saint Nix 2:30

Best 2002
"Best Of The Rest"
01 1997 Loss Of Innocence LIVE 4:02
02 1974 Smelly Tongues 1:42
03 1985 Gotta Gotta Get 4:21
04 2001 Icky Flix (Theme) 1:36
05 1988 Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care 3:01
06 1995 Tooth And Claw 5:10
07 1999 Pestilence 4:04
08 1979 The Sleeper 2:57
09 1993 Struggle 2:52
10 1996 Dagmar,The Dog Woman 3:28
11 1982 Shorty's Lament 6:46
12 1999 David PART III - Tamara's Tumor (Live) 1:48
13 1985 Fear For The Future 3:52
14 1997 Pollex Christi Pt. 4 2:15
15 2001 Songs For Swinging Larvae 4:57
16 1998 Bridegroom Of Blood (Live w/ GSJ) 6:48
17 1978 Krafty Cheese 1:57
18 1997 Disfigured Night 4 (Vehicle For Pain) (Live) 5:39
19 2001 High Horses Part 5 4:52
20 1988 Pain And Pleasure 4:35


I still miss Snakefinger. In my opinion, his playing was a rare combination of both true virtuosity & adventurous risk-taking. I feel privileged to have witnessed him play live on his solo tours & along with the Residents on the 13thAnn tour.

As each year passes since his death, I fear that more & more current Residents fans may not have the same appreciation for his fretboard dexterity. Time causes memories to fade a bit, even for those of us around in those days. And if you weren't around back then, well, I suppose you may have a different perspective, having heard Nolan Cook on the recent tunes 'n tours. (Taking nothing at ALL away from his stuff, I love his playing too.)

I personally hope that this site can help to keep Snakefinger's memory alive, at least a little. His output is documented as thoroughly as possible, and we put his name right there under the Rez to indicate both my and N-EYE's perceived importance of his works.

To that end, here's a little present - a reward to those of you that actually read this, AND made it all the way down here. It's a song that ol' Snakey apparently wrote in the mid-'80s. It never ended up on any of his LPs or singles. And it's got a tango-thing going on in it. To me, it sounds like it could have fit just fine on "Night Of Desirable Objects", and its 'trying on' of different styles and genres. No, the title is not a mistake - one listen and you'll know it's not the song you thought of when you read it. Anyway, besides doing a good job of demonstrating his skills, it's something you've probably never heard before. Let the notes Snake their way into your heart, and never forget how good he was.

SNAKEFINGER - "I Respect You Too Much To Love You" (4:27) - 2.04 meg

(Be kind, this is an audience-sourced piece, and is compressed to make it as small as possible but still sound alright.)
(And don't beat down my doors trying to get a bunch of downloads, alright? I hadta twist N-EYE's arm to allow this small deviation from our 'list and pictures" mission at this time, what with the site not fully populated with pics and all. It is what it is, a nice little gift in Snakey's honor.)


"What does re1 mean on vinyl records"? Either "repressing" or "reissue". A disc like Fingerprince first came out with the plain ol' matrix# of RR 1276A/B. Then in 1977 they were going to rerelease it, but decided to create a new lacquer source for the later metal masters - this new release was marked RR 1276A/B Re77 - "the 1977 repressing". So they used years for the # notation after "Re" for a while there - but then just switched to single numbers. By 1979 when they were gonna rerelease it yet again, they did another remaster & that one said RR 1276A/B Re1. So you may see Re1 / Re2 / Re3 etc. show up over time on the same release.

Why would they do a new lacquer? In some cases, it's to redo things following the correction of a known flaw (see George & James). Other times, the music may be unchanged, but the parts involved in making a record degrade over time & use, so an old LP may get a new lacquer for the newer pressings. Checking out the matrix# can help you discern which version you have. See the comments in front of the 'Ralph Test Pressings' section of the list for a brief summary of this manufacturing process.


Anybody got a kid/relative who saves STAMPS?? I've got boatloads of them off packages from all over the world, and would love to put 'em in the hands of someone who might want 'em vs. just throwing them all away. If you do, drop me a line with an address, and you may find a surprise envelope show up at yr door.


Prices. Titles. Two topics that have come up as questions lately.

This list is intended to document things that exist, and not the prices they may command on the market. Prices are always subjective; just look at an original Santa Dog 72 with sleeve - in the last 2 years I've seen a primo copy go for as little as $600 (!) and for as much as $3000. What a seller can expect to receive & a buyer can expect to pay depends on a lot of things; the first thing is its condition, but often more important is the law of supply & demand - if there's no buyers ready to spend, it doesn't matter how valuable your item is, you won't get what you "expect to receive". And this fluxuates over time, sometimes wildly even within a short period of time. If you want to know about the value, do some research on ebay: current price on things, search 'completed items' for more info, and if it's a super-rare item that doesn't come up often, do the same thing but watch over an extended period of time. And note the going price for other items - if someone just paid $3K for a SD72 w/ sleeve, now might be the time to pull out your choice item. Anyway, we don't have time to do all this monitoring for every item - we are busy enough as it is trying to work on this list. Further, we acquired many items 'back in the day' & have not necessarily kept tabs on what it may be going for nowadays. Your best bet is to do the research.

As for titles of tracks that are on an LP or CD, it is our intent to have photos of everything over time. And tho some are skimpy in size, over time we also want them to be large enough so that one could read the bulk of the writing on them. Given that, for us to note all of the titles on a release as text right in the list, when the picture will show it to you, seems like a bunch of extra work right about now. We do elaborate for singles & EPs (tho some early list entries only have the A side). And on compilations we do note the "relevant" tracks that are of interest to Rez/Ralph collectors. But that's about it, and for now that will have to suffice. In the end when this list is fully realized, that will not be an issue.


Yeah, my cat died. Little old Laura Palmer. She liked Rez music. (Lord knows she got to hear a lot of it over the years.) Except when I played it really, really loud. And she never messed with any of my Rez/Ralph swag or the stuff I borrowed from E.Y.E., so that was cool.

She was the one that shed all over the house. And when we get to showing the larger pics, it would be her hairs that snuck into some of the photos. It seems like whenever I get to scanning items, the stuff just jumps up & gets in the way. Even though she's gone, I dunno if I'll ever get all of that darn hair outta here, so it's likely to find its way into new pics too; oh well, I guess that's her way of living on. Maybe if I post this & give her an alternate way to live on, I'll get good juju & more hair-free pics.


If you need plastic sleeves for your vinyl & other collectables, Bill Cole's got the best. Archival quality, their mylar sleeves & other preservation materials are even used by the National Archives & other US guv'ment agencies. Check 'em out.



Once again, your persistence in reading this darn thing all the way thru is rewarded. N-EYE's arm has been twisted a second time, so here's another little Snakefinger present. One more song not on any of his LPs or singles. He mentions in here that it's got an "Eastern influence", but it sounds to me like it pinched a little from "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky" too. It's from about the same timeframe as the first track you may have found above. More fretboard magic.

SNAKEFINGER - "Speak To Me Ulysses" (3:52) - 1.77 meg

(Be kind, this is compressed to make it as small as possible but still sound alright.)


Sorry, we kinda got caught up with, ummm, life & missed celebrating our 6 month anniversary. I still have E.Y.E.'s goals for launch handy, and we can compare with that for a little perspective... "2500 pictures, 1000 HTML pages" - we've added just a hair under 750 pics since then, and also a notch under 175 more pages (incl. this one which shouldn't count but oh well). So whatdyaknow, we still have a long way to go, but things are moving despite the recent lapses.


The Rez recently sealed a deal with Forced Exposure for distribution of their goodiez. And these folks have got an amazingly broad collection of other music they help make available. We already had the Rez official product, but recently dropped some serious coin on da udder stuff. The topper - in the US at least, a flat rate of $4.50 to ship it all, even on this big order we threw at 'em. E.Y.E. says: Yo, bum rush dat show!



We recently re-up'ed for another year of hosting service. We got some more disk space, and that may open up possibilities for things in the future. Perhaps it will allow us to go to some larger pictures earlier than originally planned. Time will tell.


I haven't put anything in here lately. But things haven't been idle, as you can see by the frequent updates to the list proper, and by today's announcement of a proposal for a new registration process (of course I've been working on that). Go back to the main start page for more details, follow the link, and put in your two cents - we'd love to have more opinions on whether we should pursue it or not.


We hit our 1 year birthday recently. There was a secret download out here for a while, but it's gone now...

I'll use that "E.Y.E.'s goals for launch" reference again - "2500 pictures, 1000 HTML pages" - from startup, we're now up to 4800 pics and 1400 pages. That's largely related to a big dent we've made in photos of CDs. Now if we could only get that LP-sized scanner!


Be sure to check out the new Steven Cerio pics section; follow the links from the main page...


It's now Feb '05, been quiet in these spaces. I put my brief whiny-gram in the updates for the main page about the disappointing January 'round here; glad it's done. But things are looking up - I have a feeling that this is gonna be a **BIG** year for Rez fans. "Animal Lover" looks to be a formidible release in the Residents canon. A 33rd Anniversary mini-tour is coming up for sure. And perhaps an AL-related one to follow that. Yum! All I can say now is: keep an Eye on this space.


Yup, I done did it! Went to Australia to catch some of the 33rd Anniversary Shows - the two in Sydney, and the finale in Brisbane. Mr E.Y.E. figured my babble about it oughta go on its own page - see the link off the start page for all dat. 'Twas a blast...


Summer '05 has arrived, and no posts here for quite a while. So we'll make it worth yr while coming out to check this page. Following the optimistic forecast of additional disk space on the horizon, N-EYE's arm has been twisted a third time. Here's a two-fer present.

Ralph cross-polination. You know that Snakefinger had some Tuxedomoon members play on his first LPs. And Snakey himself played on a Tux track. They even toured Europe together in 1981. At one point, Snakey began performing one of Tuxedomoon's songs in his shows (his version never appeared on any of his LPs). So here for your dining pleasure we have: Tuxedomoon doing their version of the song in question live on their first trip to Germany in late '80, and Snakey covering it live almost exactly one year later in the Great White North. Both are outstanding, IMHO. Enjoy.

TUXEDOMOON - "Jinx" (4:15) - 1.94 meg

SNAKEFINGER - "Jinx" (4:28) - 2.05 meg

(Be kind, these are compressed a lot, but the musiq is what counts.)

Since we're talking about MP3s, be sure to subscribe to the new Residents bogcast. The couple of shows out already each have had super-tasty tidbits tacked on the end, and are definitely worth the download time. There's a link to it off our main page. Consume or perish.


It's Fall '05, and that means it's time to honor our birthday again. We be 2 years old now, a Halloween baby. We had a poster giveaway to the first 4 people to click on a link, so they're getting a free What Is Music? tour poster from Australia. To those who missed it - remember to check the site next year at this time. To the winners - enjoy 'em.


That's about it for now folks. More to come...

Yours in Residentia,


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