Septic tanks are essential systems in every home or building. Septic tanks have an opening, which is why everybody should know how to safely work around these tanks, especially if you’re fond of doing DIY projects around the house. Plumbers should follow these tips as well to protect the interests of their clients.

1. Mark the septic tank opening accordingly and use a sturdy lid.

There’s an opening, which is also referred to as the septic tank access port, used for extracting or pumping out contents of the septic tank. It should be covered with a sturdy lid and marked accordingly. The lid should not be easily removed to keep the children out of the harm’s way.

If you’re not sure where the opening of your septic tank is located, call a professional right away. They can help you find the parts of your septic system and provide you with a sketch of it for future reference.

2. Never lean over the opening of the septic tank.

Never lean over the septic tank’s opening. There are gases escaping out of that and they are too potent to knock you out of your senses. If that happens, you can fall into the tank, which is quite fatal.

3. Don’t ignite anything near the tank.

Septic tanks release methane gas and it is explosive. So never light up fires or even light up cigarettes near the septic tank. Even the smallest flame ignited would force the septic tank to explode.

4. Be alert when digging soil near the septic tank.

Modern septic tanks are built with a processing and monitoring system under it. Some of these systems rely on electricity to work. As such, there will be electrical and mechanical lines running through and buried deep into the ground. Be aware of these as they can be quite hazardous.

5. Don’t retrieve anything from the tank.

Never ever enter a septic tank unless you’re specifically trained to do so. You also need to wear special equipment, including a breathing apparatus. Don’t attempt to retrieve a person who fell into the tank. Instead, call emergency services for assistance and place fans near the opening to let in fresh air.

6. Don’t work alone near a septic tank

If you need to work on something near the septic tank, don’t do it alone, especially if you need to lean over. Falling in can be fatal for you so there should be somebody to watch out for you in case of eventualities.

7. Septic tanks are unsanitary.

Working around septic tanks puts your body at risk of germs and bacteria. This is why you need to wear special gear that would protect your entire body from it. You also have to cover all open cuts as they may possibly get infected.

These are the safety tips that you must follow to make sure that you are safe near septic tanks at all times. If you need to fix anything on your system, call septic tank service professionals instead. Never attempt to do the job on your own.